ESL Couples & Credit Cards

Couples & Credit CardsWhen my husband and I started dating, he had no idea that I had credit card debt. He, fortunately, did not have any debt. In fairness to myself, I was working hard to pay off that debt. But as the years passed (six to be exact) and we neared our wedding day, I somehow still had credit card debt! He still did not. I believe I had at least a few thousand dollars on the cards at the time of our wedding. I was lucky in that my new husband wasn’t deterred by my spending problem. Although I know he wasn’t thrilled with it either. I say that I’m lucky because money problems are one of the biggest relationship crushers out there but we muddled through to that golden moment of debt-freeness. Couples and credit cards can mix as long as both parties are willing to communicate. So before you get too involved or if you are already with your partner for the long haul, you should really ask yourself and your loved one these basic but somehow much overlooked questions about their credit card habits. Continue reading

10 Things That Slow Down Your Progress To Financial Independence

10 Things That Slow Down Your Progress To Financial IndpendenceThinking about and putting into action ways to pay off debt, save money, and invest come naturally to those who are bent on bettering their financial situation. We tend to think if I do such and such then I will accelerate my savings by this or that amount. Perhaps by looking at what holds us back from accomplishing our financial goals, we can start to recognize what our weaknesses are and work on strengthening those weaknesses. Let’s look at 10 things that slow down your progress to financial independence. Continue reading

Women of TESOL You Must Save More: Part III


Women Of TESOL You Must Save More: Part IIThis is a three-part series discussing men and women and their (retirement) savings with an overarching trend that women of TESOL need to start saving more for retirement. Part I gives you a simplified comparison between women and mens’ savings rates according to the INGCompareMe application. Part II looks at the results of an informal survey given to 21 men and women TESOLers regarding career, salary, and savings. Lastly, Part III looks at various options of how to save and savings goals for TESOLer women.

In the last post we compared men and women and their overall savings. What we found was that men surpass women when it comes to this financial area. Today we get a little more specific and discuss the financial situation of women TESOLers’ savings and how they compare to their male counterparts.

Women Who Are Not Saving

Give me a B! Give me a U! Give me a D! Give me a G! Give me an E! Give me a T! What’s that spell?! BUDGET!

Please ask yourself where is my potential savings money leaking toDo I have and use a budget

Those two questions are crucial to your successful financial management. I know I would probably beat this point to death with a stick if I had one but a b.u.d.g.e.t is where it’s at. Continue reading

Can TESOLers Have Fun On A Budget?

Fun on a BudgetThink about the time when someone first asked you to make a personal budget. What was your reaction? Did you smile and think awesome I love it! Simply cannot wait to get started? Or was your reaction more similar to my first encounter with budgets, which was something along the lines of what? budget? That doesn’t sound like much fun. That would mean I wouldn’t get to blow my money on crap I think I need. No thanks. I really was so delusional Continue reading