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Best Times To Teach ESL Abroad

Best Times To Teach ESL Abroad- TESOLifestyleAfter a friend of mine mentioned that she is considering making a move abroad to teach ESL, I immediately wanted to hear all about her plans. I have a tendency to live vicariously through others in this aspect even though I trot the globe enough myself. But what came up in our conversation piqued my curiosity. Over the years I have had to ask the same question time and time again. What are the best times during the year to start teaching ESL abroad in any given country? So I figured what better way to do this than Continue reading

Don’t Wait To Pay Off College Debt

Don't Wait To Pay Off Student Loans | TESOL LifestyleI could throw facts and figures out to you about student debt, like the 25% increase in student debt since 2008 or that the majority of borrowers who still owe on their college loans are 30 years old or older. But I’m sure you’ve read stats like this a million times over already, so I won’t. What I will tell you is that Continue reading

Expats and Their Investments

Expat Map

There are only two to three years left before the Mr. and I become expats again. We are looking forward to the change. So we are slowly planning out the move and what our options are (many!). I am a bit of a pit bull when it comes to researching various aspects of our lives. This includes finances, career advancement, and real estate investment to name a few. The Mr. is our beer, fun, and activity researcher. There is always a bit of crossover but for the most part we balance quite nicely. Since this is my post, I am going to talk about finances while living abroad as an expat, while drinking a beer. Again it comes back to balance. Continue reading