Mini-Retirement Know-How For ESL Teachers

Mini-Retirement know-ow for ESL TeachersMini-retirements are all the rage within certain circles. After reading quite a few posts on this topic, my husband and I decided to pursue this seemingly untouchable dream. During that time we discovered just how enjoyable not going to work is, but before we left we had to plan like crazy. We want to share with you some mini-retirement know-how for ESL teachers before you take that first step on the plane to your desired destination.  Continue reading

10 Things That Slow Down Your Progress To Financial Independence

10 Things That Slow Down Your Progress To Financial IndpendenceThinking about and putting into action ways to pay off debt, save money, and invest come naturally to those who are bent on bettering their financial situation. We tend to think if I do such and such then I will accelerate my savings by this or that amount. Perhaps by looking at what holds us back from accomplishing our financial goals, we can start to recognize what our weaknesses are and work on strengthening those weaknesses. Let’s look at 10 things that slow down your progress to financial independence. Continue reading


Budget What? Budget Huh? Budget Yeah!

** I am reposting this article because I somehow accidentally deleted it and of course I didn’t back up my stuff. Probably for the best because, actually, our budget has shifted due some big changes. So, very shortly I will be updating our monthly budget for all to see! You nosy-parkers.

You probably already know that debt is a jerk. It’s always up in your face talkin’ smack. We don’t want that, right? So what we have to do is make a plan of action. Just like any jerk, if you want them out of your life, you’ve got to prepare ahead. That’s why so many experts and non-experts sing from the mountain tops about making a budget. It’s sure-fire if you follow it. Continue reading

Weak-end Saver Or Financial Independence Warrior?

Weak-End Saver or Financial Independence Warrior?Think about what type of person you are. Are you currently a weak-end saver or financial independence warrior? No, really. Stop. For. A. Moment. and wholeheartedly think about this. The former is most likely a stressed-out individual that, quite possibly, doesn’t even realize why they always feel under pressure and stressed out. The latter has taken the time to get their financial ‘stuff’ in order and is in more control of the environment they have created around them. Continue reading

Debt-Free Refresher

Debt-Free Refresher | TESOL LifestyleYou may have just launched your debt-free journey or you could also be in the middle or towards the end. No matter where you are in the timeline to reach financial independence, you most definitely will have ups and downs. I can most assuredly tell you that we did. So, it’s nice to know that we’re here to give you some support through this debt-free refresher on how paying off all your bills and working towards financial independence is still completely possible and within your grasp.  Continue reading