Mini-Retirement Know-How For ESL Teachers

Mini-Retirement know-ow for ESL TeachersMini-retirements are all the rage within certain circles. After reading quite a few posts on this topic, my husband and I decided to pursue this seemingly untouchable dream. During that time we discovered just how enjoyable not going to work is, but before we left we had to plan like crazy. We want to share with you some mini-retirement know-how for ESL teachers before you take that first step on the plane to your desired destination.  Continue reading

Our Budget Nosedive and Recovery

Our Budget Nosedive and RecoveryTyping the title of this post makes me cringe. Nobody likes to admit that they messed up, even though we all do at some point or another. Mistakes are an inevitable part of our lives. Picking yourself  Continue reading

Our Debt-Free Journey

Open Road- Debt Free JourneyEvery once in a while we have something like an epiphany, which changes our lives for the better. It hit me when I was driving on the long stretch of nothing from the east of Colorado to the west of Kansas. I was a spending Continue reading