Active Income Gets ESL Teachers Out Of Debt

Active Income Gets ESL Teachers Out Of DebtNo one ever leaves home when they’re 18 saying I can’t wait to be an adult riddled with debt. Sadly, that is what happens to so many of us whether it is college, credit card, car, house, travel, etc. debt. We find ourselves in a situation of treading in financial water barely able to keep our heads above to breathe, all the while wondering how the heck we got there in the first place. Continue reading


Budget What? Budget Huh? Budget Yeah!

** I am reposting this article because I somehow accidentally deleted it and of course I didn’t back up my stuff. Probably for the best because, actually, our budget has shifted due some big changes. So, very shortly I will be updating our monthly budget for all to see! You nosy-parkers.

You probably already know that debt is a jerk. It’s always up in your face talkin’ smack. We don’t want that, right? So what we have to do is make a plan of action. Just like any jerk, if you want them out of your life, you’ve got to prepare ahead. That’s why so many experts and non-experts sing from the mountain tops about making a budget. It’s sure-fire if you follow it. Continue reading

Teachers, Sell Your Body For Extra Money

Teachers, Sell Your Body For Extra MoneyNot that way. Geesh, get your mind out of the gutter for crying out loud. Alright then teachers, you can sell your body for money, but I’m heavily wavering towards the side of upstanding citizen type of way. If you want to make extra cash and are okay with needles and the possibility of a little blood, then this route to money making extra cash is for you.

First, let me just clear the air and say that I did take a crack at selling plasma when I was in college. I didn’t want to ask my parents for rent money. Needless to say, I was a crappy budgeter then and didn’t know how to stem the inflow of buying junk. Anyway, I digress. I went on four separate occasions to the local plasma center to earn my pay. I was paid after the fourth trip and I believe I earned about $100. That was back in 1999. (I think I should also note that my Mom found out and was t.o.’d that I just didn’t ask her for the money in the first place.) But money is money and it helped pay for rent or whatever else I had to pay at the time. Donating plasma is one way to get money using your body, but there are other ways as I will explain. Continue reading

Weak-end Saver Or Financial Independence Warrior?

Weak-End Saver or Financial Independence Warrior?Think about what type of person you are. Are you currently a weak-end saver or financial independence warrior? No, really. Stop. For. A. Moment. and wholeheartedly think about this. The former is most likely a stressed-out individual that, quite possibly, doesn’t even realize why they always feel under pressure and stressed out. The latter has taken the time to get their financial ‘stuff’ in order and is in more control of the environment they have created around them. Continue reading

Debt-Free Refresher

Debt-Free Refresher | TESOL LifestyleYou may have just launched your debt-free journey or you could also be in the middle or towards the end. No matter where you are in the timeline to reach financial independence, you most definitely will have ups and downs. I can most assuredly tell you that we did. So, it’s nice to know that we’re here to give you some support through this debt-free refresher on how paying off all your bills and working towards financial independence is still completely possible and within your grasp.  Continue reading