Our Yearly Goals

Our Missions - TESOL LifestyleI am hoping that by actually writing down our goals, we will hold ourselves accountable for completing them. We will update them when new goals become present and we achieve old goals.

2017 Goals

Invest a monthly average of 25%.

Increase our income in some way.

Make $2000 in side hustling.

Generate $2500 in passive income.

2016 Goals

Invest a monthly average of 50% of our net income into index fund  Mission Failed! 16.5% average per month. Well, I suppose that’s higher than the average bear of 10% in this bull market. I have a feeling next year will be much better! Aim high, right!

Double our salary by year-end Mission Failed! Although, the cogs are turning in my head for grand new plans..wait, I said that last year. Well, this time, I really mean it.

Make any amount of money with side hustles Mission Accomplished! Hooray! We made over $2,000 in side hustles

Finish redoing our basement (on a budget of course) Mission Accomplished! Now can we sell the sucker?…

Generate $1100 of passive income through index fund dividends Mission Accomplished! Our money generated nearly $3,000. That’s 1-2 months of expenses covered (although we reinvest it at this point). Now only 10-11 more months to go…

2015 Goals

Invest 50% of net income into index fund, averaged monthly   Mission Failed! Not a terrible fail as we did end up saving an average of 31% per month. This with buying a house, having a baby, and going on a 3 month-long mini-retirement. Not too bad…

Open an index bond and international index fund   Mission delayed…again! Looks like we will delay this until we hit 50 or 60 years old. Take a look at Jlcollinsnh’s post if you want to know why.

Make over $1000 with side hustles   Mission Failed! I only earned $25 freelance writing. Well, I suppose $25 is better than $0! 

Generate $600 of passive income through index fund dividends   Mission Accomplished!

Double our salary by year-end  Mission Failed! But we do have plans to make this happen in the near future. Stay tuned!

Start teaching ESL students online Mission Failed! Yeah, bit off a little more than I could chew.

Gosh, that’s a lot of red I see for 2015. Even so, I’m not worried. So many huge milestones happened, which required a lot of our time. We wouldn’t change any of them though. Hopefully, 2016 will see us back on track and saving more than ever towards Financial Independence. Wish us luck!

2014 Goals

Pay off car   Mission Accomplished!

Save 3 months living expenses Emergency Fund   Mission Accomplished!

Start investing in a domestic bond index fund   Mission delayed! Decided to hold off on this until just before we leave the States again. 

Invest 60% of our income   Mission Failed! Although this was not  technically a successful mission, it really wasn’t that big of a failure in my opinion. We still invested 43.4% of our savings, which is unbelievable if you consider that just over two years ago we had over $20,000 of debt.

Obtain our first free international flights by means of travel hacking Mission Accomplished! We officially have two round-trip tickets to Chiang Mai, Thailand via Seoul (5 day stopover!). We only paid about $250 in taxes.


2013 Goals

Pay off last big credit card bill   Mission Accomplished!

Pay off car   Nearly accomplished! (hit a coyote and had to pay to repair car!)

Downsize to a cheaper apartment  Mission Accomplished!

Start investing in a domestic index fund  Mission Accomplished!


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