Best Times To Teach ESL Abroad

Best Times To Teach ESL Abroad- TESOLifestyleAfter a friend of mine mentioned that she is considering making a move abroad to teach ESL, I immediately wanted to hear all about her plans. I have a tendency to live vicariously through others in this aspect even though I trot the globe enough myself. But what came up in our conversation piqued my curiosity. Over the years I have had to ask the same question time and time again. What are the best times during the year to start teaching ESL abroad in any given country? So I figured what better way to do this than Continue reading

Create a Resume No ESL Program Can Turn Down!


How to Create a Resume That No ESL Program Can Turn DownYou are standing in front of a door that stretches from the ground on up past the stratosphere to  the stars in the sky. You know that once you walk through the threshold of this door, opportunities will jump out at you like salmon in a run. You are the bear, ready to take your pick. Only problem is that the key you have for the door is rusty. Every time you try to turn it in the keyhole, the delightful clicking sound you should hear remains absent. You wonder how you can make your key work again. Let me just tell you that the key in this parable represents your resume. The door represents all of the opportunities that could open up for you if your resume is up to snuff. And the bear? Well, the bear is just me getting carried away. Stand out from the crowd by creating a resume that no ESL program can turn down! Continue reading

Some ESL Teachers Get All The Luck

Some ESL Teachers Get All The Luck

Hey, did you hear about the ESL teacher who got a sweet university job where she has 3 months paid vacations?! Or what about the ESL teacher who is only teaching 15 hours a week and still banking loads of money? Some ESL teachers seem to get all the luck. There are always beautiful stories online and by word-of-mouth about ESL teachers who Continue reading

Index Funds Are The New Black

Index Funds Are The New BlackI will never forget the day when a friend of the family came to our house one day and said that he had just sold off the rest of his stocks because the stock market had plummeted and he wanted to get out while he could. Apparently, this friend ‘lost’ a lot of money before he pulled the rest out. Too bad he didn’t know index funds are the new black.  Continue reading

Preparations For Changing Your ESL/EFL Job

Changing Your ESL-EFL JobWho’s that knocking at my door? Why, it’s a delightful, new, uber-spectacular job. Won’t you, please, come in? I have waited all my life for you. Continue reading